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Peer Staffing Solutions

Peer Staffing Resource provides a better way of staffing in hospitality, administrative and the industrial industry in Toronto & GAT by providing a one-stop solution that provides you with the perfect match for your job vacancies.

We provide staffing at the lowest cost to the companies and a better way for the individuals looking for a job. We are an organization dedicated for both the employee and the employer.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality staffing resources to a variety of different industries like hospitality, manufacturing, shipping & logistics.

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If you are looking for manpower with competence, reliability, and experience,  we provide competitive and result-oriented services. Peer targets a wide range of industries in particular hospitality, administrative and industrial. Peer is a one-stop solution to all your recruitment needs.

Administrative Staffing

Peer makes it easier for companies to find the right employees when they need one. We also offer management teams a better way of managing their operations.

We help you find the right call centre representative  in the hour of need.
We take the time and stress out of hiring, so you can focus on growing your business in Toronto & GTA

Peer hires the fastest and the most accurate talent that looks to connect data entry specialist &
data accuracy professionals with companies. Peer provides better services to companies and an
easier experience for administrative professionals.

Peer is a staffing agency that connects companies with the best reception professionals. Peer is a
highly efficient and cost-effective reception staffing solution in Toronto and greater Toronto area
that allows companies to focus on core business.

Peer Staffing Resource is a staffing agency that provides time and talent solutions to businesses
and business professionals. With the high cost of office space and the increase in demand for
administrative support, many businesses are turning to the Peer Staffing Resource for cost-effective solutions.

Industrial Staffing

Peer Staffing Resource provides a better way of staffing in the industrial industry,
saving you time and money.

You can find a perfect industrial professionals in Toronto within minutes. We will
help you find the best machine operators for your operations from
all over Greater Toronto Area.

By matching the right general laborers for the to the right job at the right
time. Peer guarantees that your company makes the most of its
resources while reducing costs.

Peer makes staffing for assembly jobs jobs more effective and efficient.

Peer Staffing Resource has changed the way that industrial staffing is
being done. They offer a better way to post, search, and manage all of
the positions within a company’s staffing needs.

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Hospitality Staffing

Peer staffing resource is a one-stop-shop for all your hiring needs in restaurant, hotel,
and other hospitality requirements.

You can find the perfect industry professional in the food industry in Toronto.
We will help you find the best chefs from any culinary and cuisine culture. 

Find the right waiters who are willing to be a communication point between
you and your customers. Find the right fit with peer staffing resource

Peer makes finding cleaners staffing for hospitality jobs more effective
and efficient.

Peer Staffing Resource has changed the way that bartender staffing is
being done. 

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