Because we care...

We are a holistic staffing and Homecare agency, trusted for our personalized support services and tailored solutions for compatible and individualized support. As an accredited Homecare Agency and staffing Support provider, we specialize in corporate healthcare and social service support. We offer 24/7 support and oversight through our care managers and our support coordinators.

At Prokare Support Services, we pride ourselves on delivering a service built on compassion, trust, and respect. We are positioned to meet the demands of today's economic needs; we provide permanent and temporary relief staffing to a wide range of organizations within the greater Toronto area and Ontario.
We understand that true partnership between our clients and us are built on a foundation of listening to and understanding our clients' needs and our flexibility in adapting to their needs by identifying challenges, anticipating needs, and bridging those gaps. Prokare Support Services and our Kare-specialists will work to ensure that the service and support you received is among the best. We endeavor to be innovative ensuring that we are always able to meet the needs of our clients.

KARE – Commitment and Core Values

Prokare commitment to our clients is that we will always provide first-class personal support services that ensures that they may enjoy the warmth, independence and relaxed within the comfort in their own home. At Prokare we believe in providing compassionate client centered care that is based on dignity, respect, and equity. Our homecare services are built on core values and dedication to our client happiness, peace of mind, independence and quality of life that is culturally and religiously relevant.



An idea of compassion in social and community care emerges as a transformative catalyst in redefining staffing and home care support within Ontario.

Services August - 2019

First Mass training and development Workshops Series

Prokare continues to nurture a cohort of talented individuals with a drive to effect change thus creating a environment that is more accessible and equitable for service users across the GTA.

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Redefining the Expectations of Staffing Support

We continue to make our mark in the industry as the most competitive and result oriented brand that is creating positive impacts through mobilized partnership and expansion.

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Our mission is to provide exceptional service of care through compassion, professionalism & respect (CPR) as a means to restoring lives and livelihoods of those vulnerable groups who depend on the operation of social & health care sectors within Ontario.


To become the leading recruitment agency in the shelter and the healthcare industry within the Greater Toronto Area. We Aspire to finding talent and identifying the ideal candidate for any position.

Exceptional People

Prokare support services are the synthesis of exceptional people, innovativeness, and cultural appropriateness; that engages, encourages, and motivates professional and personal growth. 

We Are Accountable

At Prokare, all employees are accountable and committed to ensuring that your personal information is held in the strictest confidence. The Prokare ’s Privacy Officer is responsible for the overall compliance to the requirements of all privacy legislation and Prokare ’s privacy practices.

The KARE Bond

"As a Kare Associate, we play an integral role in delivering satisfaction as we embrace each day with values of trust, honesty, respect, integrity, compassion, inclusion, equity, and dedication. We cultivate and strengthen the bond with each of our clients by creating an environment where diversity is respected, quality of life is valued,  and therefore emboldening a culture of care, relations, and respectability."

Respect & Dignity | Equity |Compassion | Independence /Integrity | People centered care | Exceptional Care

Why You Choose Us?

Dedicated Support

We believe that in order for the most vulnerable among us in our society to cope and overcome personal and social challenges, service providers must dedicate themselves to delivering exceptional services. ProKare is committed to ensuring that you meet your objectives.  

A Place of Compassion

The support they received should be one from a place of compassion, mutual respect, and professionalism to enable them to manage their trauma and anxiety thus ensure that their holistic social experiences are equitable.  

Prokare Support services works to create culturally relevant support services for people, affected by, or experiences social challenges.  we seek to deliver support services that meet the health and wellness needs of our client’s residents so as to help people achieve equity.