Shelter & Social Services

Shelter Support Staff

Our Shelter Support Staff are driven by respectability and compassion. They assist clients in coping with personal and systemic challenges. In addition, they assist in coping with and overcoming social and systemic challenges such as addiction, mental health challenges, and homelessness by offering support that enhances the lives of their clients through access and equity. Our Shelter Support Staff are trained in First Aid, CPR, Trauma-Informed Care, Naloxone, Conflict Resolution, and Harm Reduction.

Child and Youth Support Workers

Our Child and Youth Support Workers work with children and youth with complex needs living in shelters. Offering the support and compassion our youth in care needs to help them to manage their trauma and anxiety to promote placement, belonging, and stability to ensure that their holistic social experiences are equitable within the shelters and to assist the youth in developing life skills. While at the same time seeking to administer the programs of the shelter that deals with behavior and crisis management, support for one-on-one counseling, and individual program development.

Social Service Worker

Our social Service workers are members of the OCSWSSW - ProKare Support Service seeking to engage regulated social service workers so as to ensure quality and competence. our Social Service workers are driven by respectability and compassion. Our SSW assists clients in coping with personal and systemic challenges. Our Social Service Workers deliver service by the common ethics of Professionalism, Obligation, Competence, Integrity, Respectability, and Advocacy. Through these tenants, we seek to enhance equity among people.

Community Support Workers

Our Community Services Workers (CSWs) support the most vulnerable people in our communities. They assist the homeless, survivors of domestic abuse, refugees, at-risk youth, and people struggling with addiction and mental health challenges. They are competent in offering services such as; counseling, interviews, and intake assessment. Understanding that people center service is important in changing lives; Our CSWs are trained in First Aid, CPR, Trauma-Informed Care, Noloaxone, and Harm Reduction. 

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Community Safety and Wellness

Prokare support services believe that safety and security are important however given the environments of our shelters, addiction centers, and homes. Safety personnel should be equipped in offering services that are humane, compassionate, and relative. Our Community Safety and Wellness officers Program offers a targeted approach to securing our shelters and their residence. Our CSW Personnel are trained and certified to provide services that support our clients and their residence safety and security.

Our expert Security Personnel prevent and diffuse issues, administer first aid and manage security risks and situations. Available 24/7, part-time, or on a casual basis, Our Safety Officers are highly trained according to Provincial Security Guard Standards, Toronto Hostel Standards as well as superior customer service. All our personnel is also trained in conflict resolution, suicide prevention, behavioral adaptation management, and use of force.

Our Personal and Social Services Support Workers assist our clients in coping and overcoming personal and social challenges by delivering counseling, community services, and social support programs. Our SSWs are trained to help improve individuals' lives in group homes, shelters, mental health institutions, and addiction recovery centers. our team helps our clients to offer exceptional social support with compassion and urgency to their place of residence.